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How to Pick the Right Commercial Chicken Feed for Your Flock

Buying chicken feed is not a matter of ordering chicken feeds from sellers but it needs a comprehensive understanding of a variety of factors such as nutritional ingredients, their concentration levels, mix ratio, age of the chicken, and a lot of other jargons associated with chicken feed, such knowledge is normally overwhelming for beginners and sometimes confusing even to semi-experienced chicken keepers. Chicken feeds are formulated to provide a nutritional balance of chicken based on the purpose the chicken is meant to serve, therefore knowing the use of your chicken will guide you in selecting the right chicken feed furthermore, chicken feed companies can have similar ingredients but they vary in the ratio they mix them, therefore, knowing the purpose of your birds will enable you to identify the right brand of your chicken feed also important to note is that what you feed the chicken you will eat it, therefore, you need to make sure you select a safe and healthy nutrition commercial feed for your flock. Owing to the importance of knowing what you are feeding your chicken this article has prepared some information that can guide you in buying the right commercial feed for your chicken.

You must determine the purpose your chickens are serving, for example, are they for laying eggs, meat that is broilers or for ornamental reasons, this is vital because the nutritional requirements vary according to the purpose of the chickens serve, for example, layers will need feed that is rich in calcium to ensure the shell is hard enough, sufficient vitamin D to make sure the hen has enough lime a lot of protein to sustain egg development.

It is always wise to know the age of your chicken before ordering for a particular commercial chicken feed, this is important because the nutritional requirements of the chicken vary according to their age, for example, chick less than 18 weeks will benefit from chick crumbs which are rich in protein because they need it to support their growth, however, a grown chicken will not need too much protein instead of a grown layer, for example, will require more calcium compared to protein, but when you compare layer with ornamental chicken it will need more protein than the ornamental bird, you need to be careful not to overfeed your chickens especially layers because if they add excess fat you risk their health and their egg production is negatively affected.

The other important step is to select the right type of chicken feed, for the chicks and aesthetic chickens it is advisable you feed them with finely milled grains and seeds this is important to keep them occupied because they feed takes a long time before it gets digested, as they progress to switch to pressed grains and seeds that are enriched with minerals and vitamins, this will ensure faster growth of your chicken. You can use these pointers when looking for commercial feed for your chicken.

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